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Myra's Life

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Myra was a young woman full of zeal and the adventures of her life never ceases to amaze her truly love of life. Her parents not fully educated always wanted the absolute best for Myra. They were stern and very religious but Myra had an outgoing personality that captivated the heart of everyone who knew her. The neighbors, teachers, and those associated within her church family always remarked “that little lady is going to go far one day … she’s just a great kid.” She was in her last year of college however, where she was President of her class, and was on both the Tennis and Track teams when she met Larry. Now Larry wasn’t from such a prominent family as Myra, he was here attending school on a Visa and had very little but he didn’t seem to mind. He had an eye for the pretty ladies on campus and was known as “the playboy.” But this would be the person who not only steal her heart, leave her pregnant..this would be the very one he would never forget, and she was going to make absolutely sure of it one day … but not today. Today she’s going to finish getting her degree, raising her child and mainly not give up her dream as a judge. But she knew one day their lives will cross and she will face the man who walked out her life and that of her daughter Promise … but until then its all about “Becoming”..and doing all she can for Promise..and that that will be the only legacy that counts for now.


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