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A Name Is an Omen (Part 1)

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Even the ancient Romans knew that “Noman Est Oman” a name is an omen!

Well, how do you get your name? And how does it get to be an omen?

I will tell you there are libraries full of books about names, the insignificant and the important. They give you all the onomastics, i.e., where the names come from originally, what do they mean, how were they used and which persons were called with which names. There are books on how to name your baby and even what parents go through to name their babies—especially the boys. Oh, boy!

However, what I’m going to tell you is even more extraordinary.

Perhaps you believe in reincarnation. If you think otherwise, it is okay too. Yet, just for this story, to give it a little credibility, believe that you believe in it too.

Imagine you are in “Limbo” the Intermediate Realm, between incarnations, when your Angel Guide comes to you and says,

“Precious Soul, your holidays, your vacations are now over. It is time to go back to University Earth, for your next round of studies, to collect all the experiences made possible for you (and in a personal manner just for you alone!). What do you desire to experience?”

Now, please remember, there is this matter of free will. Just because you are residing in Limbo, do you think there is a change in that? No! The Almighty, blessed be She/He, decreed free will to be unrestricted and absolute. Otherwise, how can it be free and how can it be your will, if it were limited? Thus, you have been presented (and gifted) with it as is.

You realize by now that the consequences of your free will are also unrestricted and absolute. So let me say it here. There is no such a thing as punishment! There are just consequences! Remember that!

So, you tell your Angel Guide what you would like to experience. You may think, you would like to experience only “nice” things, at least just for this coming lifetime. You had such a tough and cruel time last time …

“Ach, how boring!” says your Angel. “I recommend this and I recommend that. You need some excitement and entertainment in you next life-time. And remember what you avoided experiencing for the last life-time, is definitively due for the current one now. You avoid it another time and it is going to be all the more difficult to experience when you do. It is going to be quite a jolt this time, so you better get it over with.”

So you argue, declare the subject matters, the circumstances and the conditions – and finally agree. Your Angel Guide has to give you the permission. You have free will. However, this is your guiding Angel who knows exactly what is due for you – and knows the width and breadth of your consequences, for now and otherwise. You know that and take it into consideration.

You both then study the couples having and making love in the Dimension of Earth. Which couple, which family would be best suited to fulfill the conditions of which you can experience the situations of what you are going to be reincarnated for?

Which mother and father (and siblings), by their very Presence and/or Absence, will support you and your desire and, above all, your purpose of this reincarnation? Now when I say Presence and Absence, I mean it physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and of course materially, e.g., financially.

You see, while residing in Limbo and with the counsel of your Angel Guide, you know the past, present and all possible futures for yourself and this family. Nonetheless, you choose whichever one you choose and accept each and every consequence of this choice.

Oho! I hear you protesting! Now listen while in Limbo, you are window-shopping.

Your future family is already on earth. They have no choice in regards to you. You choose them. Thus, they are your mother, your father and your sibling(s)! So they don’t own you! It’s more the other way round, you would own them – if there were such a thing as owning another person…

However, they are your custodians! When the time is ripe—whenever—they will have to let you go. Therefore, you are with them because you have something to give them too. It is a special gift, a gift that you give them in your own special way. This gift and the manner of how you present it, is also your means of Tiqun Olam (pronounced: tee-koon oh-lum), your way of Repairing the World, as the Sages call it.

How, you say? Well, here is an example: A Soul has decided to reincarnate in a family. Now this family has long awaited a child, so they are very happy and dream and envision of what this child will be and become. However, when they discover that the child has the Down syndrome (mongolism) they become worried or even distressed. They may believe, they are obviously being punished for a real or imagined sin. They lack the spiritual knowledge that it is the Soul’s wish to be born into their family.

Why? Imagine, this Soul’s desire is to experience unconditional love, to reflect this unconditional love back to the family and finally to let it seep into the whole world. (That is some “Repairing”!) The family has yet to realize, this Soul has chosen them – of all other possibilities – because they are best suited for his gift and the means of delivering it to the world. It is doubtlessly a burden for them!

However, before they were born, they knew their Soul’s desire was to assist in this “project”. Therefore, they can decide on being humbly grateful and joyful. If they let it develop with this understanding, they will also experience the boundless love from and towards this child and from and towards the whole communities they get to be involved in because of this child.


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