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A Name Is An Omen! (Part 2)

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“So, why don’t I know all of this now? It would surely help me in living this reincarnation with more purpose and joy instead of all this uncertainty and grief,” you say.

I presume, your Angel Guide would reply, “Because this is what you wanted! You know, optimal learning takes place best during an extreme experience. When you are being confronted at the Border of Life, where we go into the unknown; when the next step takes you over the precipice! If you would remember all we decided on, where would the Unknown be?”

There is also this story of the Angel of Forgetfulness. Every time a child is born, she or he still remembers the “communication” with their Angel Guide until the very moment when the Angel of Forgetfulness touches the child’s lips. Then she or he forgets!

On this Plain of Existence, we are incapable even of imagining how this took place with the Angel Guide and what it was all about.

However, as this particular story goes, this is the Angel of Forgetfulness! So sometimes this Angel forgets to touch a child’s lips. The child then grows up remembering! Then depending on the spiritual and/or pedagogical understanding of the parents, the child is accepted as a sage, an idiot or is considered to just having a blooming imagination. Nonetheless, the child will comply with the mentality and environment of the family and other children. To be different at that age is mostly unbearable.

Now let us talk about your purpose of this reincarnation. This is the means of how you (re)present your gift to the world for the purpose of Tiqunu Olam. For example, let us say my gift is forgiveness and my purpose is to manifest this gift by becoming a teacher or whom ever I can become to offer the learning of this gift of Forgiveness to you and if possible the whole world.

Of course, I would need to learn about this gift myself. The whole of life’s experiences would go towards learning to forgive others—and all the more to learn to forgive myself. Therefore, I would need to experience situations of fear, pain, despair, forlornness, unfulfilled yearning and all the other emotional and physical dangers, which I would have to experience— to then be able to forgive all those who caused these sufferings.

Thus, I must have had decided to experience and survive a Nazi concentration camp. However, I was there with people who loved me and did what they could to protect me in every way they could under these circumstances. There I was subjectively and effectively just a number, just one of the otherwise uncountable Jews. I thank the Almighty (and my Angel Guide) that I and my family were otherwise left alone. “Sonderbehandlung” (special treatment) according to a certain Dr. Mengele was reserved for others.

You think I am rationalizing my experiences in Bergen-Belsen? Of course I am! In this reincarnation, it is one of my means of dealing with this trauma (and the dreams I still have in the night.) However, all of this, as you may have read in my story “To Forgive,” happens just because of that—to find the means to forgive.

You may think this is the worst that ever happened to me. Far from it! On the outside, it surely seems that everything was hunkey-dory. The orphanage in Melbourne, Australia was well administrated, well funded by a committee of very powerful women. However inside, in spite of all the sufficient material support, it was torture and the Matron was the Mistress of Torments.

If there were any child protective laws in the State of Victoria in 1947 to 1953, then they were overlooked by the pedagogical institutions, which include the State schools. Boys got “six-of-the-best” with a leather strap on their outstretched hands and girls on the back of their knees! Why the difference? I don’t know? Perhaps so that they could still do the household tasks without restrain.

Back to the Matron! Here is where I got the “Sonderbehandlung.” She would wait for me hidden behind a door with a stick and pounce on me, hitting me where she could. Once she even crept behind me during prayers and when they were finished, smashed that stick on my right elbow and under certain weather conditions, I still feel the sting after more than fifty years.

Here I admit, there is still a residue of unforgiving. I’ve gone through the ritual of forgiving her quite a few times. Something unsolved still seems to be there.

So back to your name and to its omen. You see “omen” comes from the Latin meaning an occurrence or a phenomenon believed to announce a future event. I believe, however, your name every time you are called calls out to remind you of your Purpose for this incarnation, the means of which you may present your Gift to Repair the World with

I think, during the communication with our Angel Guide while still in Limbo, we agreed on a code word, our name, which is to constantly remind us of this Purpose we had agreed to. It seems, in some manner, we told our parents what this code word, our name, is to be before we were born.

Mostly, our parents “got” it and yet some didn’t. That’s why there are some name changes. Some persons feel that they have the false name, that they have outgrown their nick name and that they feel quite uncomfortable with their present name and so on. It may be that you are to carry a name for a certain while with a certain message. Then you need to be reminded of another Purpose later in your life.

Whatever, remember you always have free will! You can accept the omen or refuse it. It is always up to you. You are free to decide and please remember the consequences!

Now here is the real question, “How do I find my Purpose? How do I break the code of my name?”


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