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National Domestic Violence Awareness Month (Part 2)

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By the time I was twenty-one, I was married and had my daughter. I lived a drug free life until she was about fourteen. About three years ago, I woke up in the Intensive Care Unit because I overdosed on meth. I was with this girl I just met. My boyfriend and I were fighting. She said he told her some disturbing things making her fear for my safety, which turned out to be a lie. In fact, she was the one setting me up to get hurt. I was very reluctant, but she convinced me to go to her house. She had lines of meth laid out as soon as I arrived. The first night I locked her door between her living room and huge attached garage. When I pulled back on the door, it opened. That’s when I noticed a ball of aluminum foil was stuck in the hole where the door lock goes into. I put it in my pocket knowing something was up and it wasn’t good, but I chose to ignore it. By day two of her laying out line after line, she informed me her kittens would get up into the ceiling tiles, telling me to ignore any sounds I hear. She then kept trying to get me to go to sleep in a bedroom. When that didn’t work, it sounded like someone was on the roof and it was not kittens. Then laser beams were being shined through her windows. Then she pointed to an open window that was previously closed.

She started “acting” paranoid. She whispered, “I can’t find my cell phone. We have to get out of the house in order to call the police.” I could not find my shoes or my purse. Now I was paranoid. She took me up into the woods. When I looked behind me, I saw people following us. I jumped over someone’s fence and knocked frantically on their door. I told the woman to call the police saying someone was trying to hurt me. Her husband tried to shut the door on me, but I pushed it open, knocking them both over. When the police arrived and found out whose home I was at for the past few days, they told me to get into the front seat. When we pulled up to her house, she came out acting normal saying, “Colleen, what happened? Where did you go? I was so worried about you after you left my house?” After “I” left your house alone? Are you kidding me? Now you are back at your house acting like nothing happened without calling the police yourself.

Before I could get a word out, the police officer told her to shut up. He said to her, “I do not know what you had planned for this woman, but knowing you it was not good. One day, bitch, I am going to get you.” He then told me he never wanted to see me in his town again. I told him no problem. He then left leaving me alone in her house with GOD only knows who. After what he said to her, it makes me wonder why he would leave me alone with her in her house. As far as I knew, he did not know my vehicle was in her garage securely locked by her days earlier because like I said, she was afraid my boyfriend was going to harm me. Yeah, right! I started snapping out, telling her to get me my purse and shoes now, which she frantically did. At this time, I did not know who else was in the home, so my main concern was to get out of her house as soon as possible instead of smashing her head in like I wanted to.

That’s when I saw a tape recorder and very sharp clippers on her tables that were not there before we ran out of her house. Then I remembered her telling me she witnessed people getting their fingers cut off. I jumped into my vehicle and locked all of the doors. I immediately put the car in reverse with my foot on the brake. I rolled down the window screaming at her that she had two minutes to open up her garage doors or I was going through them along with her. She frantically unraveled all of the chains and ropes she secured. I yelled to her, “You have one minute, bitch!” Then I yelled, “Thirty seconds!” All of a sudden, the doors popped open. I ripped out of her driveway.

Later that day, my boyfriend came home calling me a slut and punching me in the face. As we physically fought, he told me she said I was gang banged and loved every second of it. She told him she had it all recorded. I said to him, “Come on. You know me. The last thing I want is sex when I am doing drugs. And did you ask to hear or see the recording?” He said he did ask about the recording, but has not seen her yet. I began hallucinating that night into the following evening. It was awful. I never touched that drug again. When I was released from the hospital, I planned for my boyfriend to pick her up as I hid in the trunk of the car. He would then get her to talk about everything she told him. Then I would jump out of the back seat and smash her head in. I would then duct tape her head to the seat, shoving cat shit in her mouth because all that comes out of mouth is shit, so she might as well eat it. I would then duct tape her mouth shut. At this time, I was in mandatory outpatient group psychiatric counseling for six weeks, which was the part of the deal in order for me to be released from the hospital. One day I shared my plan with the group. Everyone was silent. The counselor told me I was scaring her. I told her only that bitch needed to be afraid. During break, one girl told me she was sure men with white coats were going to come and take me away. It’s all documented in my medical records. I had to promise my counselors I would not follow through with my plan, which I did because they counseled me on the repercussions. She has no clue how lucky she is I did not hurt her as I did with the following female, who also tested me just prior to this incident.

While going for meth, this girl was hitting her boyfriend in the back of my vehicle with her 4 month-old in between them. I was in the passenger seat. I told her to stop. When I turned around, she smacked me on my head. I was drinking for hours and blacked out. My boyfriend said I started beating her with my fists. He tried to pull me off her, but couldn’t. That is when she bit my fingers. When I was able to get one hand free, I reached for a crowbar and beat her with it. I was not playing. My boyfriend said I was like a pit bull. I hit her over and over again until someone from the house we were parked in front of came out to pull her and the baby out of vehicle. We then drove off. The next day my daughter contacted me to find out what happened. My one hand was wrapped up and hurting. She informed me I put the girl in the emergency room with stitches all over her face. I know her injuries were serious because it was 4 a.m., pouring down rain, and she was about thirty minutes from a hospital. Luckily for me, she was too afraid to press charges. I could have killed her, not to mention I could have hurt her baby. I had to go to the doctor for a tetanus shot because a human bite is the worse type of bite you could get.   

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