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The Never-ending To-Do List

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Do you ever feel that you are going non-stop, yet it feels like you are not accomplishing anything significant?

I see it all around me and feel it myself daily.

I always have this little cloud floating behind me with a blinking “you-should-do list” that never ends. Not only does it include household chores, but also work and relationships that need to be dealt with.

The fact is, you cannot “do” all day and not accomplish anything. It is a lie that we are telling ourselves.

How you feel about your day may have nothing to do with the tasks, but everything to do with how you show up in the world.

For me, I need to remember to ask myself: Did I live each moment fully and with intention? Was I being the person that I want to be in this world? Was I living by one of my true values best articulated by Ghandi: “Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

Sometimes an accomplishment doesn’t come on a to-do list with a box checked “done” next to it.

It can come in the form of not letting a difficult client get to you, giving someone a heartfelt compliment, asking for help, smiling at a stranger, or maybe just not saying anything at all in a delicate or difficult situation.

As you move through your day, try to acknowledge the good moments to yourself. At the end of the day, make a mental note or write a list of these moments to celebrate

We don’t celebrate the positive moments in our lives enough. See how it feels when you do—that little cloud will fade into tasks that have no grip on your true joy and happiness.


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