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Never Too Late to Live

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Giving up on life is a common circumstance as age, failure, or illness catches up with the human beings but the greatest opportunities never cease. With age comes experience, with failure comes experience, and with illness comes experience. All these give a testimony that one ought not to give up but shine out of the maze to amaze onlookers.

Of course all these circumstances draw a crowd and people are watching to see the hero in you. Some scoff, others murmur, but when the hero emerges unshaken by the circumstance—then one’s testimony becomes a living example to be modeled for the rest.

This gives insight to the reality that it is never too late to live once one has aged, failed in some way, or gotten ill. There is a fresh inspiration in determination and its reward is the joy of realizing one’s own purpose for being again. Like an athlete painstakingly racing and then crossing the finish line then forgetting the tension thereafter of pounding the ground. There is hope in all circumstance, but there is a need to grasp at it even when it looks so dim. For no matter how dark it may all seem, the glimmer of a star light years away gives hope that yet another beautiful moment is about to be.

Albert Einstein is quoted to have said “learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.” That perhaps is the crux of investigating and discovering that it is never too late to live. Because when all seems gone then you discover all is not lost and that is when recovery begins to uncover.


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