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New Year

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New Year, New Beginning
Every new day is to come
Long days will and have gone
The future is in our hands
Up to us how we will plan
The path we want to take
If one has made a mistake
It’s a life event to be learned

New Year, New Beginning
Sun still shines upon us,
Showers smiles on our faces
Faith and hope at corners,
Guiding us during tough times
Believing we can survive
No matter what, we are alive
Suffice, to keep us steady, strong

New Year, New Beginning
We have to accept the facts
Opinions are for us to think about
Not to lose our own insights
On things we barely understand
It’s good to take a chance
In a quick, unexpected romance
Never know, someone might be right

New Year, New Beginning
Abandon the lingering past
For a long time, it’s been over
The present is what matters most
Worry not about what future holds
Sooner or later it will disclose
Life’s true, special purpose
That dwells deeply in our hearts 


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