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New Year's Resolution Diet

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My New Year’s Resolution Diet has nothing to do with food, however, is guaranteed to keep you feeling “ful” all day long:

Focus on being: 
Hope “ful”
Help “ful”
Respect “ful”
Prayer “ful”
Thought “ful”
Tact “ful”
Truth “ful”
Cheer “ful”
Meaning “ful”
Joy “ful”
And aspire to be Wonder”ful”

Avoid being:
Fear “ful”
Piti “ful”
Waste “ful”
Shame “ful”
Spite “ful”
Tear “ful”
Venge “ful”
And especially, Hurt “ful”

Regardless of your weight, others will see you as Beauti”ful”!


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