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No More Procrastination by Sheevaun Moran

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One of the most energy sapping things you can do is procrastinate. But how to stop is the real issue.
Here are some sure fire ways to end that nagging issue of procrastinating.

Past—Avoiding things works because it may cause fear, anxiety and just feel bad. I’m not doing something right or won’t do it right anyway so I’ll avoid doing it at all.

Solution—anxiousness is just fight or flight and fear is something I can push through and have a victory on the other side.

Past—It has to be perfect. I don’t want to do anything unless it’s perfect. I’ll get in trouble if it’s not perfect.
Solution—Do the best you can, as that is perfection in itself. Perfection is just a tactic to stop myself from moving forward. It really is much easier than it is in your head.
Past—Failure is death and I must not fail. I won’t do it because I might fail. If I do succeed it would be a miracle and miracles just don’t happen to me.

Solution – It is good to be human. Humans have been failing for millennia and your failure is actually your reward to a much better situation because you have failed before and you are still alive.
Past – I shouldn’t have to. I’ve already gained experience in so many areas and I just shouldn’t have to, so I won’t. If it feels uncomfortable I shouldn’t have to do it. I only want happy and fun.

Solution—All you need is twenty seconds of courage. Sometimes doing things I need to do is a fantastic feeling. The sooner it’s done the sooner I get to my fun. Might as well have fun sooner.
Past—It doesn’t feel right. The stars, moon and right time just haven’t shown up and if I wait it will show up.

Solution—Waiting is over the time is NOW. Your fear and anxiety are fantastic excuses to wait but doing it now is the exact right time. If you are in fear you are in the future. Get grounded, get it done and move on. Life will be that much more rewarding and fun.


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