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Not a Victim

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I was watching Oprah the other day about children who have been sexually abused. They talked about it is not always being strangers, most of the time it’s someone the child knows. It brought back a memory that happened fifty-seven years ago. I was staying at my older sister’s house babysitting for the summer. I was fourteen years old and full of life, constantly on the go going roller skating and to sock hops, as we called them then. My sister and brother-in-law had a lot of friends. My brother-in-law was brought up in the town with all his friends and trusted them.

One evening, I was going to the skating arena my sister and her husband could not drop me off. One of the friends who was visiting offered to drop me off, after all he was going home and it was not out of his way. I got into his car without any reservations. We headed down the road toward my destination, when I realized we were going the wrong way. “I think you took the wrong street,” I laughed. He said nothing he continued to drive away from where I was going. I looked at him and saw a look on his face that scared me.

He drove to a wooded area and stopped the car he turned off the engine. It was very dark; my heart was beating a mile a minute. I thought it would break through my chest. He put his hand on my leg and started to touch me. Somewhere in my head something clicked. Where the intelligence came from, I do not know. I put on a flirty face and said to him “I like this, but I am expected by now at the arena. My friends will call home wondering where I am. You know how Joe my brother-in-law is, he will have the police looking for me. Why don’t you drop me off and pick me up when I am done.” I was scared, so scared that it wouldn’t work, but I was flirty he thought about it and said “You’re right.” He thought he had this fourteen-year-old in his web. “Do not mention this,” he warned. “Of course not, I wouldn’t do that.” Why wasn’t my voice shaking the way I felt inside? There was a angel guiding me that night.

He dropped me off at the arena it looked like he was leaving but pulled the car behind the building and sat. I ran into the building and told all my friends. That night when we left, we walked with seven friends that stayed around me. He was there following slowly behind us. They walked me to the house and I ran in to tell my sister. My sister’s husband handled the rest. That friend never came around again.

In this day and age, it would have been handled differently. The police would become involved. That was many years ago and everything was hush hush then and kept quiet. So remember, it is not only strangers you can’t trust. Thank you, guardian angel. She helped me have faith in myself. From then on I knew I would never be a victim.


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