Nourish Your Soul at 35,000 Feet

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Flying is something I have done a lot of during my lifetime. I’ve flown for business and pleasure, loved it, hated it, and visited sixty-six cities in four countries. I always thought about flying as a means to an end when actually it really is an event in and of itself. As I glide along the deep blue skies this evening, I realize I’ve been taking this for granted, when it really is a quite a unique experience. I mean how many times do you climb into a self-contained unit steel tube with seventy to 300 people you don’t know and fly off into the sunset at 35,000 feet. This isn’t an everyday occurrence for most people. I need to treasure this experience.

It is dusk and my flight has just “taken off.” I am completely awestruck by the beauty out my window as my view includes miles and miles of open sky in various shades of blues and lavenders with a sunset so breathtaking it’s enough to bring one to tears. Why do we complain about “the airlines, tight accommodations, and the long lines waiting to get where we are going”? Have we forgotten how important this “time out” is to restoring our soul? Breathe it in, relish in the beauty, and enjoy this moment for it won’t ever come again quite like this. Did I mention there is not one cloud in the sky? Another unexpected bonus to capture.

This experience at 35,000 offers a chance to gain a new perspective on life. All the problems at work that seemed so annoying earlier today don’t hold much meaning as I look down from this heavenly position. What were they anyway? I can’t recall. My spirit has been renewed and I haven’t even landed. Perhaps the next time you decide to get on an airplane, consider leaving your mental baggage at the gate and travel light. Give yourself the gift of “reflection and renewal” and let your soul guide you to your destination.


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