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I am reaching for heights unknown,
As I leave no stone unturned.
I am treading a path unpaved,
With hope that I survive unscathed.

The obstacles I must surmount,
Are far too many for me to count.
With uphill climbs and rocky cliffs,
No time for should haves or what ifs.

The past a painful open wound,
I hope to heal but it’s still too soon.
The future veiled in mystery,
I’ve only now, so let it be.

Let this moment soak me in,
Not where I’m going nor where I’ve been.
I’ll learn, I’ll live, I’ll love, I’ll care,
Then move along and leave it there.

I’ll hold each second as I am in it,
I’ll treasure each and every minute.
Yet, I will not stay once it is gone,
Like time I too must move along.


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