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Once You’re Thirsty, It’s Too Late!

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So … recently Ryan Gosling was on the Ellen Show (I love him!). It was a day where Ellen decided that she’d literally be working out throughout the entire show. She invited her guests to do the same, but it wasn’t required of them. Ryan had no problem jumping into it with her.

At one point, he reaches for his water. After taking a sip, he asks Ellen: “Are you hydrating? I’m worried about you. Ya know—cause once you’re thirsty, it’s too late. You’re already dehydrated.”

This line has been awesomely stuck in my head ever since hearing him say it. I realized the other day it’s because I automatically applied the concept universally—it spoke to me in so many dimensions, and to me, it was an incredibly potent tidbit for life in general.

Like many other physical sensations, thirst tells us that something is missing from our bodies that we need. It acts as a warning and an indicator to us that if we don’t replenish, then we won’t be operating at full power. When we are actively looking out for ourselves and taking care of ourselves (which then allows us to better look out for and take care of others by the way), sensations like thirst tend to show up with much less frequency.

You can’t feel thirsty and satisfied at the same time. But, quenching one’s thirst doesn’t have to be a one-hit wonder either. You can feel satisfied, grateful, and continue to desire for something because you enjoyed it so much. Knowing you’ll indulge in something awesome again because you choose to actively attain it –isn’t that the better spot to be in? Just in general.

What things in your life do you love so much, and already have? For what things in your life is your thirst quenched right now?

What things in your life are you currently thirsty for?

“Once you’re thirsty, it’s too late—you’re already dehydrated.”

Don’t let yourself become dehydrated. Figure out what those things are that you really do thirst for, and then quench those thirsts, baby! Intentionally quench them like the life loving beasts that I know you are!

You’ll be amazed at the kinds of effects this will have on your life—true story.

If you’re interested in checking out the interview clip—including the dispersing of the Jumpin’ Jammers onesies to the entire audience –then here ya go, sugar plums!

Fun fact: Ryan Gosling totally has the same onesie as me (And some of you know this first-hand for the fact that it is!). Except mine doesn’t have a hood … But, I got it over two years ago as a Christmas gift from my Pops (Thanks, Dad!), and I still wear it all the time despite the looks (of jealousy) from others.

Check the video out here.

Quench your thirst!

With passion & gratitude 

 — jb


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