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Orange You Glad You Are Not Really Stuck?

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Have you ever felt that you are stuck in your journey? One foot firmly planted in the past and another cemented right in front of you? With the rest of your physical being dying to move forward and blossom? This feeling of “stuck” is just a label. It is a point of view that with a little refocus can be banished from your psyche.

Here are a few ways that “stuck” might show up for you:

“Stuck” is when you want to move forward but the only way you see to do that is an option that you do not want to entertain.

Then there is the opposite problem: you have many options but choosing paralyses you with fear so you say, “I’m stuck!” And you give up.

Now you have all the answers before you. You know what it is you want to do and the direction you wish to ravel in but you just don’t know how to begin. That little word niggles into your consciousness and next thing you know you aren’t looking for the start of the yarn in the ball you slam-dunk the ball back into your knitting basket.

“Stuck” can be a determining factor to you carrying forward with your goals when you really haven’t defined what it is you need to do and the challenge in front of you is not clear.

When we get lazy and don’t take our journey into our own hands and take responsibility for our actions then we feel stuck because we are always waiting to be rescued and our superhero never shows up.

Finally the “stuck” measurement comes into play when we think we don’t need support and we can do everything on our own but guess what? We can’t and it all overwhelms us finally wearing us out.

How to avoid falling into the stuck pitfall?

Look into the future and consider yourself a year from now. Describe your life as a piece of fruit. Firmly focus on why this piece of fruit represents you. Become that image, and devour the analogy. Describe in as much detail as you want your options, fears, goals, challenges and support system so that your fruit of choice defines everything you want out of your life and reminds you of how you can move forward no matter what you come across. Believe yourself to be exactly that which you illustrate yourself to be and see what happens.

I’ll give you my example:

I am an orange. I am so happy because I am a whole orange. Yes, that is right, the amazing miracle of Mother Nature that grows on a tree with a face full of sunshine. I am no longer just a pile of orange pieces; some full of pits that can choke your desires and goals while others are dry as cardboard from the lack of nourishment because I did not drink from the abundance this wonderful universe provides for me.

Today all the pieces are aligned right beside each other where they should be and I am covered with the protection of a beautiful bright orange skin; full of zest, color, flavor and aroma. Every drop of juice nourishes my dreams and encourages me to move in the direction I was bound to follow. Every pit is now a seed of creativity to stoke the fire of my perseverance with enthusiasm and humor.

This succulent fruit represents the world I live in. I have organized a life that has meaning as a whole as well as the bite size flavorful morsels that represent the person that I am and will remain to be. The passion I feel for the abundance that surrounds me is over-powering. I enthusiastically embrace today and have steadily moved forward towards this destination with perseverance and determination.

I now look at my list of dreams and goals and put them into a different priority. I re-evaluate them on a regular basis and I shift my energies as I see fit and to how they bring joy and balance to my life. This robust orange is a symbol of the moxie that I had all the time - I just hadn’t discovered it. I am so proud on how I have travelled on this journey. My outer skin has grown to be strong enough to shoulder the load I must bear and to shield me from the opinions of others that I don’t need to wear. I am full of love, success, moxie and most important I am brilliantly me; as brilliant as the color this orange reflects upon the counter top it rests on.

I have taken small stones and one by one piled them on top of each other. I continue to add new stones of accomplishment as I succeed. As my achievement ad up so do the stones—I now have a mountain. I stand upon this mountain of self-esteem and confidence with my flag of honor planted firmly beside me signifying my badge of courage.

All this is represented in such a small, healthy orange full of lip smacking flavor and enough zest to fill a room with mouth-watering aroma. I am ready to take on life while being admired for the beautiful juicy product that I am.

I have never looked at an orange the same again. When I feel I might be “stuck,” I envision or look at an orange and remember what that magical piece of fruit stands for. Funny how I feel my feet loosen up and start to take one small step in front of each other until I am merrily on my way again heading in the direction I am destined to follow.

What piece of fruit can you imagine your life to be wrapped up in a year from now to help you stay un-“stuck”?


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