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The Original Sin and Its Symbolism

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The unconscious mind that produces our dreams is a superior ancient mind that possesses undoubtable wisdom. It is also responsible for our artistic and religious inclinations. Therefore, we can decipher the meaning of the symbolism contained in all religions and artistic creations, the same way we decipher the symbolic meaning of the dream images.

This means that we can understand the meaning of the symbolism contained in the known biblical narration of the original sin when we analyze the symbols it contains. According to the biblical narration, Adam and Eve were living happily in the Eden garden. They were not allowed to eat the forbidden fruit, which would give them forbidden knowledge. They were to obey God’s laws and follow his guidance.

However, a snake mislead Eve, convincing her to eat the forbidden fruit of knowledge, which was an apple. She convinced Adam to do the same. After both of them ate the apple, they started feeling ashamed for being nude. They covered their bodies with leaves. God knew that they ate the forbidden apple and cast them out of the Eden garden. Now they have to suffer by working in order to obtain food.

Adam and Eve represent the masculine and the feminine attitude before all life challenges.

The Eden garden represents a state of spiritual perfection.

God is the voice of divine providence.

The forbidden apple represents wisdom.

The snake represents a painful experience that will put an end to a mistake, in order to prevent it from worsening in the future. In dreams the snake represents the intervention of divine providence. It puts an end to the continuation of a mistake, correcting the dreamers’ behavior. The dreamers suffer for passing through sad experiences, but they stop repeating their mistakes. Therefore, these experiences work like punishment, which are like lessons.

In the case of the biblical narration, the snake represents a painful experience that wouldn’t be necessary if human beings would obey God’s directions. The snake doesn’t represent the divine providence directly like it does in dreams. It is the unavoidable misfortune that works like divine providence because human beings don’t listen to God. The snake is the painful experience that will put an end to the original sin, so that human beings may understand that they have to obey God’s directions.

Human beings should obey God’s directions, which are given to them through dream messages and religious teachings. However, they believe they can easily attain wisdom and decide alone what is good or bad for them.

This is a tragic illusion. Wisdom cannot be attained without the various experiences of life that will transform the human psyche throughout time. Human beings are idiotic creatures who have to develop their intelligence and sensitivity. Only after eliminating the roots of absurdity from their minds, will they be able to wisely judge reality.

Today we know that we have inherited a wild conscience (anti-conscience) in the biggest part of our brain and psyche. This is our primitive self, which didn’t evolve like the human side of our conscience. The unconscious mind sends us guidance in dream messages in order to help us fight against the anti-conscience’s absurdity.

Therefore, we can now understand the real meaning of the original sin. This is the sin of our human conscience, which must obey the saintly unconscious guidance (God) in order to win the battle against the evil anti-conscience (Satan). Only after transforming our violent animal side into a human conscience, will we be able to attain wisdom.


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