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Own the Power of Your Self-Love

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There is nothing more beautiful and powerful than a woman who truly loves herself. Most people would totally agree that this is true, and most of us can think of a woman like this, and nod our heads and say, “Yes, she is both beautiful and powerful.” So if self-love gives you true beauty and power (not the kind you get nipped or tucked or you get from some executive title), why is it that when we hear the words “self-love” our woo-woo detectors go off and we begin to squirm uneasily as if someone is going to throw us into a room full of therapists and Kleenex?

Why do we talk about self-esteem but not about self-love? Why don’t we flat out own the power of self-love and our full expression of it? What would it be like if we could talk openly about how we hate on ourselves a whole lot more than we love on ourselves and then have a conversation to change that?

As women, we have got to start talking about self-love, ME love, whatever you want to call it, because while self-esteem may get us great paychecks and into good colleges, it’s not enough to keep us out of bad relationships or self-destructive and self-defeating habits. If we can start talking about it for everyone to hear, not just in the hushed tones of our inner circles, all women can finally know that self-love is hip, hot, and hers. There will be no question about what self-love is, what it isn’t, how you get it, and how you lose it. Every woman and girl will know that everything in her life starts with the love she has inside for her most important partner, herself.

Take the Madly in Love with ME Challenge
This month is Madly in Love with ME Month, and on February 13, women around the world are taking the Madly in Love with ME Challenge by starting a lifelong ME-love affair. Here’s the challenge:

I say yes to be love, and live my most real, wise self for the rest of my life.
I say no to settling, apologizing, sacrificing, playing small, and to participating in any relationship, thought, belief, or activity that doesn’t fully 100 percent honor the beauty, power, and sacredness of my soul.

In a month that is all about the love, remember to love your most important partner and lifelong BFF—yourself!


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