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The Passion Triad: Step Into Your Purpose

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There are many misconceptions about life purpose in our society. Invariably, people think that finding their purpose means discovering their perfect career—but purpose is so much more than that! Purpose has little to do with what you do. It has everything to do with who you are and how you do everything you do.

You have been uniquely gifted with a specific combination of aptitudes and a predisposition to special interests and emotions. These are your strengths and your values. When you offer these gifts in the form of service, you make a contribution to your fellow man. Like your DNA, your strengths and values form a structure unique to you. This means that you are uniquely qualified to make a contribution to your world that only you can make.

Another misconception about life purpose is that it must be related to a huge undertaking, such as discovering a new world, curing the sick, or feeding the hungry. For some people, their unique strengths and values may call them to serve in this way. But for most of us, living purposefully is based on how we approach the routine and seemingly small things we do each day.

Connecting with your purpose does not have to turn your world on its ear. It does not require massive sacrifice or suffering. It simply requires a shift in your perspective, recognition for what has always been within you, and a willingness to offer those gifts in service.

One Thing to Think About
The key to stepping into your purpose rests in your willingness to intentionally apply your strengths and values in service each day. When you deliberately approach your day looking for ways to apply and experience your gifts and values, you will be rewarded with a passionate, purposeful life experience, even when you’re dealing with difficult issues. 

One Question to Answer
In what ways are you using your strengths and values to serve others? Where is this not happening in your life? How do you feel about your answers? 

One Challenge to Take
The recipe for stepping into your purpose is: strengths + values x service = passionate, purposeful living.

1. List your strengths.
2. List your values.
3. What are some specific opportunities you might have to offer service using your values and strengths?

To live purposefully, you must seek opportunities to offer your strengths and values each day. Remember that your offering need not be grand. The power of your passion will be unleashed through simple action.


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