People Confused About the Bible

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I understand the dilemma and I have seriously questioned my faith over the years. With that said, I believe that we have to take all things in context.
The Bible was written 2000 plus years ago, of course there will be things that are NOT relevant in today’s super-trafficked, super-Internet, technological environment.  

I believe the guidelines set forth through the ten commandments in the Old Testament and two commandments of the New Testament. Again, these are guidelines and there isn’t one of the twelve that can be dismissed, as something we should disregard. 

When one speaks about the virgin birth, or lack of belief in it … I can totally see how many get confused and feel betrayed by that. I too, felt that that same disconcerting feeling until I read the scripture that says, “And there was silence in Heaven for about a half an hour.”

Obviously we know of the 30, 60, and 100-fold return within the context of the Parable of the Sower and the seed. Thirty percent representing the flesh, 60 percent representing the double-portion, and 100 percent representing: reaching the fullness of time, maturity, and realization that we are not children as we were, when we were taught these stories. As a child we see through a child’s eyes and perspectives and if the appropriate examples of life, family, church, Bible examples that we were taught in regard to what was lived out before us conflicted

Well, the proof so they say is in the pudding sadly, many have walked away from the faith simply due to unscrupulous and greedy individuals that pervert truth for their own gain, just as in the examples Christ put forth in the cleansing of the temple because of the Pharisees, Saducees, Jews, and the merchandising of the word of God, which is still on-going.

That doesn’t make this statement untrue:

“God uses people, who make mistakes!”

Only one who is well read, mature, and a practicer of the Word of God can see this because:

One must HEAR the Word and be a DOER of the Word, not only in much speaking.

In fact the Word of God resonates, let your yes be yes, your no be no. Let your words be few let your adornment be the hidden man of the heart let your light so shine if your eye is single, then your whole body will be full of light

And countless other scripture that confirm repeatedly, who we are to be and how we are supposed to live. There is many instances where we are to die to self-our own fleshly wants and desires but who actually does this? Few, very few.

The traditions of men have made the word of God to none effect. God’s word is still coming to pass even as this is being written … but the question is who will hear and do the Word? In its simplicity, who will love another more than his self? Who will actually hear, read, apply, and live what the word of God says?  

I am to the best of my ability. I also pray every morning and it goes something like this: 

“God, thank you for this and every day. Please bless my family, my friends, coworkers and associates. Lord, please give me wisdom and knowledge to discern what decisions and choices I make. Let me be an example of You on this earth, to my children and let me ‘LOVE like You LOVE’ and ‘See through your EYES.’ Lord, I know that you have made this day perfect and awaken me to new opportunities so let me be just ‘one’ person, that shows the kind of love, You have shown to me. Now God, I ‘know’ as soon as I get out of this bed and put my feet on the floor, I’m going to have to live out everything I prayed to You so give me the strength for this and every day, one day at a time.” In Jesus Name, Amen.


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