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Perception Is Deceiving

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I just went for a walk with my son and dog, Saidy, and ran into another dog owner who had a hyper dog the same age as Saidy. As Saidy gently sniffed and said hello to the dog, the owner said to me, “Your dog is so calm! You are so lucky!” I thought to myself, “calm?” That is definitely not an adjective I’d use to describe my dog. I could tell that the other owner was secretly wondering how I trained my dog to be so polite and act so calmly. It just so happens that minutes before we left the house, Saidy had accidentally knocked over and shattered a photo frame, and was still a bit spooked by it. This all happened when she was “calmly” sprinting up and down our hallway at 7:00 a.m. And ten minutes later, Saidy bolted from me and sprinted into the parking lot as I am wildly running with baby in the bjorn screaming, “Saidy, no! Saidy, come!”

Perception can be very deceiving. We all have times were we have looked at someone else and thought, “How do they have it all together?” or “Wow, they seem so successful/happy/perfect.” The truth is everyone has their moments. They have their moments of perfection as well as their moments of less than perfection.

 Just a reminder to check in with ourselves and remember the grass is not always greener on the other side. And while your grass may seem dry with lots of holes, don’t worry about the neighbors; use your energy to help it grow.


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