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The Peril of Liberty: Don’t Flip That Switch

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Many times, you don’t value what you have until they become inaccessible to you and you probably find other people possessing it. If you are still lost to the point, ask anyone who missed the opportunity of marrying someone they felt was right for them, but they separated from because they found a weakness in that person, only in few years to find such happily married, but they still living as a frustrated single, who is still searching for Mr. or Mrs. Right.

For the very few glorious years that I’ve had the privilege of being a Christian, the most outstanding thing which scares me is the inhibited liberty available in Christ. Liberty in Christ is so profound and pronounced such that, any attempt by any individual, church, organization etc to underplay it reduces or ultimately removes the right such has to be Christ representative. Christianity is much more about liberty and freedom of choice.

In actual terms, in fact the entry into the glorious family of Christ must begins with a personal; it must not be by coercion, manipulation, intimidation or any such, else that wonderful and awesome life-giving experience is marred and that salvation is anything else but real. Any salvation, no matter the attendant result or fruit is fake, false and can never be lasting or effective. No wonder, many go through their church prescribed order of entering into salvation, speak the language, live the life but remain empty, fruitless and grossly ineffective.

Hence, true salvation which is the only entry point into Christ is voluntary; a choice based on nothing else but a personal realization of one’s sinful nature and state, and a readiness to acknowledge and accept Christ’s free live giving offer of redemption through his atoning sacrifice. Since the foundation of the world when Jesus died the grace for salvation is available, but only those who choose to appropriate it get it. It has not and it will not be forced on all sinners alive, they have to come to terms with the message of the possibility of a new life in Christ, take a bow and personally choose that life.

This issue of freewill, the liberty to choose whether to be or not to be, to me is a crucial pivotal point in the individual christian’s life and walk with God. Scripture says, “He has made clear to you, o man, what is good; and what is desired from you by the Lord;…” Micah 6:8. God’s modus operandi is to give you instructions on what to do and how to do it, then He conveniently leaves the scene and watches how you rate in obedience.

Right from the beautiful lush garden of Eden, the issue has always simply been, the level of man’s obedience to God with the exercise of the freewill and the liberty bestowed by God. No wonder we fail God and our self many times over. If you observant enough (you don’t need much effort), you’ll see many scary things been done in churches and in Christ all because people have been taught that there’s liberty in Christ. Yes! It’s true and scriptural, but always remember, “you have been shown” what you choose from.

Many times we are confused because the enemy (devil is his hideous name) dangles confusing but juicy options before us in every facet of live. We like all our fore progenitor from Adam and Eve always assume knowing the right thing automatically means having the power to choose and do the right thing.


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