In a Pickle

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I am a disabled woman and today started off in the worst way. 

I got up this morning thinking everything was normal until I had to go and feed my potbelly pig. She has her own house and I came to find out I did not have my house keys to go let her out and feed her. 

My daughter’s car is broke down so I let her take my vehicle to work and all my keys with it. I also had no cell phone, yes you guessed it, it too went with my vehicle. 

So here I am no keys to lock my house or open hers, no cell phone to call for help in the matter, and no vehicle either. You talk about lost; I was lost as to solve this problem. I thought to myself … how will I call 911 if I have another heart attack (I have had two), and what if my insulin drops too far and I go into a coma or something? 

I got my clothes on and went next door and used the phone and called my daughter that took my vehicle and ask her to come to my house and rescue me. 

She also was at work, so the ending of this terrible day for me is, my daughter’s employee brought me my keys, and I fed my piggy. I still have no cell phone. The moral of this story is, don’t set yourself up for problems.


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