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Pilgrimage of a Heart

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I don’t want to tell a story that I may go back to later and sigh. That’s a disgusting scenario. Whew! Well, let me cheers to San Sebastian. When I went last October 28, 2007, in Lipa, I felt like a warrior. I thought, I won’t make it, as a devil was trying to pull me down. But an angel was on my side. I prayed that he may give me strength to be there, and voila! I found myself inside the cathedral. Beautiful! And it was indeed mysterious outside. And guess what I saw inside? There were three pairs of lovely brides and grooms at the altar. The priest was patiently feeding the exchanging words between them. It was so lovely to see them. And as my mind was amazed by them, I remembered what kept me to be there. Ahh, that great prayer. I just had my twenty-third birthday. Nah … I won’t say what I wished there—it must happen, and it’s happening.

I was there standing for half an hour. My mind was empty as I asked and prayed what I really wanted to happen to me. Let me paraphrase it: What God wanted me to do at the present time. And as the priest questioned the groom, “Do you accept this woman to be with you … la la la” … I was tongue-tied. This was the first time in a year that I witnessed a wedding. So much freedom was inside my heart. I was so relieved, so free. And I saw the face of Jesus Christ, his portrait, the picture from thousands of years ago, and I made a promise—I will visit it at SM MOA (they had an exhibit about it).

There were a lot of statues of different saints as I walked through the entrance. I paid homage to the living cross. I saw people, young ones, and old ones. Yeah, that old one sitting, begging … she held my eyes. I almost passed her, but I thought about it for a second, then give her a peso. Why are so many people leaving their parents like that? Begging and asking … what a pity. And what a blessed family I have.

Outside a cloudy sky and a cold wind gushed through me. I giggled. I had my red sweater—lucky me. I gazed upon the church. I wonder, how many got married here? How many friendships were made and how many relationships ended in a happily ever after? I feel neurotic and romantic at the moment.

But I thank God I was able to be there. Who knows? I may be the one who ends up happily ever after! 


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