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The Piper and His Tunes

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I have come to realize, not through any superior mind I possess, but through simple common sense, that times dictate how some people act—whether they would be brave or not, smart or not, wise or in want of the sacred virtue of wisdom.

While I was making this observation, however, I did see that there were some people who, because of their own cravings, have developed a meekness of heart and spirits, and a fair mind, so that in everything they do, they never forget that times do change. The tables of life always, even if it is belated, do change sides.

To this latter group of people, my discovery makes me realize that there is nobody too foolish or too wise, too low or too high—they treat everybody who comes their way with the respect deserving of a king.

My conclusion is simple: these people are buying time today, when the tables are turned in their favor, so that when that invisible hand of time makes its shift for another side to enjoy its good graces, they would not be in want of friendly faces. This, I thought I might share with you, so that when it happens you wouldn’t say I didn’t warn you.

I hope you won’t forget, because quite often we do always forget that times do change.


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