A Place for Us

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There are so many places that Christians will not and cannot go. So many of us just long to have someone to talk to who can relate to Christian situations. A worldly, carnal person is not suitable companionship; nothing good would ever come with their conversation. Darkness will never allow light to shine, if darkness had anything to do with it. So there’s a place for us called Stairways to Heaven. A place where families can all unite and have a grand ole time. Adults can hang out, get to know each other, play cards, checkers, etc. The children can play video games and entertain each other. During school time we have “A”students to tutor those who are less fortunate. We serve no alcoholic beverages, gambling, or anything high in sugar because of the children—just good old health-oriented drinks.

We focus solely on heath products; the children are offered fruit instead of candy. We never have to deal with extremely hyper children, even when they are excited. One day a week we offer movie night for the family, Movie for Adults, discussion night,where we invite a professional to come and share some light on a topic we all want some to know more about. Then we have family fun night, where we chose a game to challenge our children to see who’s the smartest. It’s the best night of the week; kids always think their parents are extremely dumb and slow. That’s where adults all put their heads together and become victorious. It’s the best thing since television, and it also brings the family together. We are losing our children to the world because we are too busy to spend any quality time as a family. A family that prays together stays together. Also, a family that plays together stays together.



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