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The Pleasure of My Company: The Power of One

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What is it about being alone in certain situations that’s so scary for some of us? Family, friends, jobs, and life in general keep us busy, but when we finally get that coveted me-time, many of us hesitate to do something we really want to do simply because we don’t want to do it alone.

Recently, our editorial team decided to tackle some of those intimidating alone-things to find out if doing them by ourselves was really as unnerving as we feared, or if the pleasure of our own company was worth the risk, however scary. Check out the stories from our The Power of One series below to find out. And please share your experiences with us!

A Table of My Own (Eating alone)
There’s a Tear in My … Zin? (Having a drink alone)
The Great Mistake (Traveling alone)
All Alone in the Woods (Backpacking alone)
Hello, My Name Is … Solo (Going to a party alone)
Front Row! My Solo Concert Experience (Going to a concert alone)


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