Positive Growth

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I’m starting to believe that you really do create your own happiness. I used to be so carefree and positive without putting any effort into it, I didn’t realize sometimes you have to work for it to flourish. It’s like working out. When you’re stuck in that rut you have to initially find the motivation to do it, or else you’ll never go to the gym. It’s obvious why I’d rather be happy than miserable. I just have to change my perspective, change my routine, change whatever sends me into that whirlwind of depression. When I tell myself that hard work pays off, I believe it because the proof is there . . . when I try. Not only do I want that inner warmth known as satisfaction, I deserve it! I owe it to myself to appreciate life for what it is, because there isn’t enough time for me to dwell over things I cannot change. For me, it’s important to realize that the small details of my life I could stress over from day to day are just motivators dressed in disguised challenging me to become the best version of myself.


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