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The Power of the Rock

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All through the Bible we find illustrations of the power of the rock. Psalms 28:1: Unto thee, I will cry, O lord my rock. The rock has always been given to us a source of strength. As children in Sunday school, we were taught to build our houses on a firm foundation, a rock. The book of Matthew (chapter 7 verses 24 through 27) makes a clear statement about the rock and where we as Christians need to place our faith. For there is shelter and safety in the rock. Well, I had to use those illustrations to tell you about a rock warrior named Gwenda.

Not very long ago, God sent this beautiful angel in my life. Her spirit was so clear and pure, it caught my attention immediately. Every day I would learn something remarkable about this person God sent my way. Have you ever wondered why God allows some people to enter your life? Yes, it’s to renew your faith. Sometimes we get so high above ourselves and have no clue how to descend; that’s when God allows his angel to firmly place our feet back on Earth. God loves us more when we remain humble. And sometimes we forget. The book of Philippians 2:8 tells us even Christ had to humble himself and became obedient to the cross.

I’m grateful for Gwenda, she is an earthly rock that keeps me humble and we can learn from example. I must share something else with you. Being the warrior that she is, God has demanded her heart to do great works. She sent soldiers fighting on the battlefields of service prayer rocks, to keep their faith growing knowing that soon they too may be returning home to be with their families. She also sent them to family members and to their wives that face labor deliveries without their husbands. When I catch myself trying to complain of mere simple things, I think back to Gwenda and then ask God to give me a humble spirit like Gwenda. She’s my hero, my friend and my earthly rock. May our friendship forever be found on a firm foundation.


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