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The Power Of The Subconscious Mind

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Your conscious mind is only 5% of your total brain power. Although this is the part of your mind that can differentiate between what's real and what isn't, what's good or bad, and holds the thoughts you're aware of and can control, it isn't very powerful. The conscious mind is where your short term memory is and it can only handle a few pieces of information at one time. When it's put into those terms, it's pretty surprising that we believe our conscious mind is in control of our lives. Actually, it's merely a servant, and if that's true then who's really in charge? That's right, the subconscious mind is the leader!

That doesn't mean you wander around like a zombie, it simply means that the subconscious is the author and the conscious is the messenger. It's amazing how powerful your subconscious mind is! In fact, it can help you create an entirely new world; a brand new life. In my book Personal Success Through Mind Control I offer step-by-step guidance and show you how to put together an easy yet effective ten-minute program to become successful in love, money, health, career, and many other areas. Right now, let's take a look at how powerful the subconscious truly is.

The subconscious is like a very wise hermit living in a cave. You know that hermit has the answers to every question you can imagine, the secrets to happiness, wealth, success, health and true love. Getting the hermit to venture out of the cave is impossible though so you need to go in after him. Once inside you'll have access to everything you need to create the life you want.

Here are 6 truths about the power of the subconscious mind:

1. Since the conscious mind only operates 5% of the brain, that means the subconscious holds a whopping 95% of the power that will help you to have and to become anything you want.

2. The subconscious mind can't reason so it isn't able to judge whether something is true or not, real or not, or even what is right or wrong for you. That's why we need the conscious mind; they work as a team.

3. Thousands of decisions are made each and every day by your subconscious. It quietly works in the background sending you information as to what you should do, where you should go, and how to act. The problem is, the subconscious bases all of its decisions on your past experiences. If you were bit by a dog when you were a kid, your subconscious will most likely “help” you to avoid dogs the rest of your life. It doesn't reason that the dog that bit you was a one time thing and most dogs are friendly.

4. It's more powerful than any mainframe computer. Without you even knowing it or being aware your subconscious can process 400 billion pieces of information at once—at once! You could be talking to a friend and not realizing the subconscious part of your brain is processing things such as voices, other sounds, colors, shapes, objects, sensations in your body and much, much more. All of this and you don't even become distracted as you talk.

5. It stores all of your emotions—the good, bad, and the ugly—and your beliefs, even if you should have outgrown them or changed them long ago.

6. Your long-term memory is also stored here, and it doesn't keep just bits and pieces, it stores it all with complete retention. Again, like that hermit in the cave, we just don't have access to all of this information whenever it suits us. Also, stuff gets a bit weird in the subconscious, especially when we experienced things as a child. Let's say when you were a kid you didn't clean your room and your mother spanked you and grounded you. Since your subconscious can't reason, it may make a connection between cleaning and pain. Perhaps you'll have an OCD streak, or be a total slob, or something in between.

As you look over that list you can see just how powerful your subconscious mind is and how it can help you achieve anything you want in life. The reason you've struggled for so long up until now is because the way you view life is based on what's stored in your subconscious. When you sit down and pay close attention to your current finances, even your health and relationships, you can see that all of this has been manifested by your past experiences. This can be frustrating, making you feel helpless.

After all, if your subconscious is 95% of everything you experience in life and your conscious mind—the part you can actually control—is only 5%...those are pretty bad odds. You could say you want more money, to get out of debt, to find a better job, or start your own business, yet no matter what you do you're always blocked. That's because your conscious mind could be telling you, “I deserve more money!” but somewhere in your subconscious, due to your past, your mind is saying, “I don't deserve to be financially successful. Money is bad. Money makes marriages fall apart.” Or something along these lines. There's no doubt about it, if you're struggling with money then you have negative beliefs embedded in your subconscious.

The good news is, it's possible to change what's in your subconscious. You can take negative programming and turn it around into something positive.

The first step to changing the negative programming in your subconscious is to identify what exactly is stored deep in your mind, what your faulty thoughts are, then have a clear focus on what you truly want to have and be and do in your life.

You can take control of creating true wealth by managing your thoughts and actions, and by changing your subconscious beliefs. You need to do both in order to succeed.

Kelly Wallace


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