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Prayer for Career Transitions

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Dear God,

I love your guidance! I surrender my sweet and precious life to you and trust you to show me the way as I blend my internal and external purpose into my One Life. I know, in my heart, there truly is no difference and that I am here to live an integrated life.

I surrender any perception of challenge to you about which steps to take or places to focus regarding my career. I give you all the details, all formulated thoughts about what is and is not possible. I know that next to your power, my thoughts are like raindrops on the miraculous and abundant ocean. God, I know your plan is the ultimate plan, and I trust you to deliver me from doubt to trust, from control to letting go, from anxiety to liberation, from pain to health.

I place all agendas, attachments, illusions, resistance, resentments, and blocks in your hands, and ask you to transform them into whatever will serve this world and your plan for my life and work. God, I sincerely thank you for the financial success, the joy and the learning I have experienced so far. Thank you so much for the people who want to help me, for my health, the love I feel, and the love I want to give. Your love is all there is.

Take my life, my potential, my power and continue to help me live as a channel of goodness and light.

Thank you so much for this moment, and the peace that is always bursting forth from my heart. I feel it now. All is well. I am happy, fulfilled and whole. And so it is, amen.


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