Precious Memories

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As a little girl,  playing in the yard,  I can hear grandma singing Amazing Grace, as she hung out her wash on the clothes line, grandpa, working in the fields, he was always amazing in a garden. At the end of the day, we’d gather round the table, say grace, and enjoy quality time. Before bedtime, Grandpa would read the Bible, as again Grandma singing as she done her last bit of dishes for the day.

You know that, I miss them so much, and yet there is peace in knowing that they have left behind, cherished memories. I believe, that this where I was able to find strength, in all my trials, and unfortunate experiences, was knowing, that my Grandpa and Grandma, even though their times were hard, the light of faith and peace, never showed, and I have witnessed  how God’s grace is sufficient for all our needs. And when I was going through my rough spots, how I could turn to Grandpa, and always; he’d say: “just trust in the Lord,” and he will see you through. Old Fashion, sweet morals, are so dearly missed today and even more, as the days go by. And I thank God, that I was so blessed to have had two beautiful guardian angels as my Grandparents.


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