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Preventing Hatred and Suffering

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When you learn how to accurately translate the meaning of dreams with the scientific method, you discover that the meaning of your dreams gives you clear information about your emotional health and your mental stability.

You are constantly influenced by the wild side of your conscience (anti-conscience) that didn’t evolve like your human side. This is a dangerous situation you are not aware of. You cannot perceive when your conscience is dominated by the anti-conscience. Thus, you are a passive victim of the invasion of the absurd content of the anti-conscience into your conscious mind.

The anti-conscience wants to destroy your human conscience and control your behavior. Therefore, it plays with your emotions. For example, it makes you fall in love with a person who will betray you and abandon you in the end. Then, it makes you hate this person enough to want revenge. This is a tragic situation you must prevent. Write down your dreams and pay attention to my lessons so that you may learn the dream language and follow the unconscious guidance.

Dreams about love give you clear information about the person you love. Therefore, if you flirt with someone, and you see the person you love cheating on you in a dream, this is a serious warning. It informs you that you will be betrayed if you enter in a love relationship with this person. You must be wise, and avoid having a relationship with him or her, instead of going ahead with your plans.

It is not easy to pull away from someone you are attracted to. However, it will be better to avoid suffering before getting involved with the wrong person. If you’ll have a traumatic relationship with a person who doesn’t really love you, you will hate him or her in the end. You’ll then do something absurd in order to get revenge. This is how you’ll lose your mind.

Other dreams are not as clear as dreams about love. Only the person you love doesn’t have a symbolic meaning in dreams. All the other people who appear in your dreams represent parts of your own personality.

The unconscious mind employs symbolic form to give you objective information about the people in your life. They are represented by animals. Thus, when you see a dream about animals, you are having information about the people in your daily life. When you see a dream about other people, you are having information about your own personality.

The dream language seems to be complicated for you only because you are not familiar with it yet. When you’ll get used to the unconscious symbolism, you’ll easily understand the dream messages. This way, you’ll be constantly helped by dream warnings. You’ll never make mistakes that could negatively affect your emotional health. Therefore, you’ll prevent hatred and suffering. You’ll also understand what you have to do in order to develop the positive characteristics of your personality and find happiness in life. 


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