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Punching Through the Clouds

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Often we don’t go forward with plans or goals because we think there are too many obstacles in the way. This is just a perception and perhaps an excuse to give in to our fear. We may have a fear of failure but most likely it is a fear of success.

If we fail at an endeavor we can give a list of excuses and feel okay. If we succeed in our efforts we must then take responsibility and ownership.

If one were flying in the sky in an airplane a cloud might look like an obstacle yet it is not. The plane punches right through the cloud and when it comes out the other side the sky is bright and clear. Of course, a private pilot cannot fly through the clouds unless they are instrument flight rated.

Before you can punch through your clouds determine what rating is required. That is, look at your perceived obstacle or obstacles and determine what it will take to punch through. These obstacles can be viewed as tests of your commitment to your goals.

When the pilot of a small, private, plane is ready to start the engine they stick their head out the window and yell, “clear.” It is necessary to make certain no one is near enough to get hit by the propeller. Are there people in your way? Individuals who are frightened or uncomfortable with your potential success will be happy to provide you with reasons why your endeavor will not work. Align yourself with people who are supportive and encouraging.

If it is not possible to eliminate the naysayers from your life realize they are reacting to their own insecurities. This is not about you. Just yell, “clear” so they don’t get caught in your propeller while you rev up your engine for success.


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