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Questionable Truths

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How important is happiness? How does one know true happiness from false hope? Or is it okay not to know the difference—and to just be okay in the moment? For without sadness we would not experience happiness; right? Is the sadness brought on by a broken heart worth the happiness experienced by that same heart? Does a piece of our heart die when we create opportunities for it to be broken? Can enough heartbreak cause numbness—never allowing happiness again? Is it worse to seek happiness in ways that we know will end up bad? Does our heart suffer more when we disregard consequences in order to feel joy? Or does it become accustomed to this after time and become addicted? Will our hearts no longer able to experience lightness unless risk is a factor, fueling it with adrenaline? Do we need to know these answers? If we are asking, I believe we know, but want to believe the opposite. So we can live without complete despair. So we can have opportunity to override numbness, and for a short time, feel. Feel the sun on our face, the excitement of a new lover, the wonder of a child, and feel worth in this crazy, fucked-up world. 


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