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I am fond of sunlight as well as rainy season too.

One night after I went to Wealth Academy in Makati, the train stopped at North Ave and I went off. It was raining slowly then. When I cross the footbridge, finding solace in the Sky Garden of SM North Edsa, in front of me was this guy holding an umbrella with the girl besides him and his arms around his shoulder. Sure, my heart feel jealous at that instant that I muttered to God, don't make me jealous with this one. I will going to have my time with that in the rain, brushing off the thought when I finally meet my one true love. We can even play in the rain.

Remembering the online relationship I have at the moment, I laughed at myself. Sometimes, I wonder if I'm really great at it. No, I am not complaining either. Or maybe I'm being too nice, too good, too patient that it escalates the feeling over him. I didn't know. What can you expect from someone who's never been with anyone so close like this, no boyfriend since birth. I thank the Lord for putting Him there to protect me, to help me build my dreams just being him away from me, to remind me that God just giving me this chance to experience it at the moment, that He allowed me to meet this person to prepare me for more than this. They say that not all you first relationship is your last one too. It's like I'm handling this little wealth in my hand, I have to take care of this. Cause if I won't do it right, how can God trust me to give me my one true love if I do not pass this test at the moment.

So be patient with me, my dear one. But if time and circumstances permits us to let go, I already prepared my answer back in Pink Sister in July 2011. I'm ready to let go. (Now, I'm back of being the runaway person again hahaha :)

That's exactly my thought that night while I'm crossing the garden at night. I breathed. I waited for the rain to stop. But it didn't. I had to go home. My pants are all wet. My bag too. And my umbrella is folded already. I have to keep going. Life needs to keep going. I didn't have the final answer to all my thoughts that night. But one thing I'm sure of, I'm always surrendering the burden in my heart.


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