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A Rant Before Bed

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Okay, first of all, Kanye West is a moron. I know, this is not earth shattering news but I had to say it. What I really want to do is get a thesaurus and look up all the words that describe Kanye and none of them would be flattering but I really don’t have the time or the energy. I tweeted about him after I watched the video and was just at a loss. I loved some of my friend’s comments though—they made me laugh out loud. I think the funniest was one of Pink’s tweets; I laughed and read it to my husband because I felt that I had to share. “Kanye west is the biggest piece of shit on earth. Quote me.” So I did because I think Pink is awesome. It’s too bad that we can’t censor Kanye because he should be censored so that his dumbass statements don’t kill my brain cells. Normally, I choose not to hear anything he says because I just can’t—he’s such an egomanical megalomaniac. (Perhaps that’s redundant but I wanted to say it, okay?) Anyway, he also said something along the lines of being the new king of pop since Michael Jackson died—uh no. I think he might need some antipsychotic meds! He is obviously living in fantasyland if he thinks his talent is anywhere in the same universe as Michael Jackson! As for his stunt at the VMAs, I would say shoot him but talk about a waste of a bullet. That would be an insult to the bullet and the gun, if inanimate objects could be insulted. The worst part of it is that he is getting all the attention that should be going to Patrick Swayze and that just makes me sick. So enough about Kanye …

Secondly, I must rant about a person in my life. I will try to avoid specifics just in case this person reads my articles although I seriously doubt it. In fact, I doubt that I would even register on this person’s radar if it wasn’t required. (We’re related.) This person seems to be incapable of doing anything on their own. (Damn I’m having to work hard at the anonymity.) This person has recently begun participating in many activities on a certain social networking site that this person showed little interest in until another person in my life got their own account. From here on out, to avoid confusion, hopefully, I shall refer to them as Thing 1 and Thing 2. 

Thing 1 does not do anything, I don’t think, without the approval of Thing 2. Thing 1 would also like to become the number one person in Thing 2’s life. However, Thing 2 doesn’t want this. It wouldn’t work anyway as both Things are in other relationships, they’re both married and lead separate yet intertwined lives. Thing 1 honestly thinks that the world revolves around them; honestly, if you were acquainted with Thing 1 you would know what I mean. It’s kind of sad really. 

In Thing 1’s defense, there has been a lot of tribulation and trials during their lifespan that they have chosen not to deal with. In essence, Thing 1 will do anything to gain Thing 2’s approval and it’s quite sad to watch. However, Thing 1 thrives on doing whatever is necessary to be the center of Thing 2’s universe, which has parlayed into problems in Thing 2’s life because Thing 2 is unable to completely cut Thing 1 off. However, Thing 2 will snap eventually, which I hate because I feel like I should be able to intervene somehow and I can’t. It will cause major problems in the family dynamic. I am unwilling to upset the balance there nor do I feel that it’s my place to do anything. I don’t know, I just guess Thing 1 annoys me because I can’t figure them out. This is a problem for me because I can generally read people well and know how to meet them where they are. This is an impossibility with Thing 1 … and it’s driving me crazy when I let it. Every now and again situations arise that force me to interact gracefully with Thing 1 when all I want to do is come unglued. Thing 1 expresses any and every emotion at the very moment that it’s felt, good or bad, without regard to those around. For example, Thing 1’s significant other made a large purchase that was job related recently and Thing 1 ranted and raved for several hours about how now wasn’t the right time for the purchase and that they really couldn’t afford it and that they needed that money for other things—blah,blah,blah! So I tried to help Thing 1 see the positive in this purchase because I too had been in the very same situation so I understood … or at least I thought I did but there was no convincing. Thing 1 was right, the significant other was wrong, period. All in all, it’s a frustrating life in Whoville.


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