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Ready….Or Not

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I can still recall the day at work when we were told that in a year we would not have a job. How nice of you to tell me ahead of time, I think. My mentor, Cathy called me to her office, to talk. Cathy had been my support line, guidance counselor, confidant, and best friend during my employment. I have so much to thank her for. She told me to start saving money, so I would be ready. I have to admit I was in complete denial. This was not going to happen to me. I was not ready. Well the thing about being ready…or not, life goes on, with or without you.
I was already an active member of Toastmasters. I was also the president of another corporate sponsored employee organization. I volunteered to facilitate an employee support group for other individuals life myself who were going to be let go. I counseled my peers, encouraged them to come to the office every day, and continue to attend the group meetings same as usual. I listened to stories told by long term staff who never in a million years thought they would not be working at the company anymore. I sat at my desk as the rumors swirled around the office about who was leaving, and who was going to stick it out to the end.
One day I was checking e-mails and saw Judi’s Newsletter. I had signed up for it when Judi had come to my company to speak for Administrative Asst Week. I saw the announcement about the first Life Choices book. I read that she was looking for submissions. I didn’t give it another thought. I continued to train new officers for Toastmasters. I was presenting workshops with my Speakers Bureau. I was working with my department to close down the office. It was time for the Toastmasters District Conference where I was presenting a workshop. I was also a District Governor for Toastmasters at the same time, so I was meeting regularly with my Area Governors, and visiting their clubs.
I got a call from a fellow Toastmaster member who had also received Judi’s newsletter. She told me I was already doing so much; I had to submit a chapter for the book.
Things got a little blurry, call to Judi, 3 months left to work at the office, submitting a draft, 2 months left to work, seeing the cover for the first time. It was an awesome crazy experience. By the time I was officially released from my job in January, I was planning a trip to Vegas for the book launch.

My name is Deborah Clark.
I have been out of work for three years, and I have a co-authored three books.
Yes I did!

If anyone has asked me if I was going to write a book after I lost my job, I am sure I would have laughed my laugh, and said no. In fact, publishing a book was not even on my bucket list. Do you have a bucket list? Have you done any of the things on the list? Don’t worry about it, do something that’s not on the list.


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