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Recongnizing Your Own Weaknesses

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Today I'm thankful for the courage of recognizing and admitting my faults, vices and weaknesses. It is only by acknowledging them that I have the power to work on them, and change my life. It is so much easier to say "I am perfect, I am a good, I am a light that shines the way, etc.. etc.. etc…" but let's face it, looking at smoke and mirrors in rose-colored glasses is not only a blunt refusal o…f facing the truth and self-deceiving, but it also keeps you from growing as a person and reaching your full potential. You can go through life being completely oblivious yet happy, or you can face the negative traits that maybe no one else but only you know about, and work on them day in and day out. You can make either choice, and life will go on, the sun will still rise each day, but if you choose to live by the later, the end result of the person you will become along the way will make all the difference. ~~Angela


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