Red Wine for Longevity

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If you have done any kind of web search on aging, you most probably found a result for red wine, or more specifically resveratrol, which is an ingredient in red wine. While we could not drink enough red wine to make a significant impact on the aging process in our own bodies, research has developed a way to extract resveratrol to make a single serving equal to drinking one hundred glasses of wine per day.

When world-wide anti-aging research scientists announced the link between resveratrol and slowing down the aging process, people were interested. Jay Leno included it in his monologue, Barbara Walters had a special about living to 150 years, and throughout the radio, television, and print media there has been story after story about the buzz of resveratrol.

What is addressed more often than not is when a pharmaceutical product will be available. From what I could determine that is still years away. However, there are many resveratrol supplements on the market. Food supplements are not regulated the same as pharmaceutical products so anytime a scientific link is made to a certain ingredient, companies will quickly create a product and market it.

The problem with food supplements is that the quality varies greatly from brand to brand. Those companies that rush a product to market most probably do not have the science and research behind the formula. This can result in a product that has low potency and low quality ingredients and therefore delivers lower (if any) results.

What is exciting about the current research on resveratrol is more than simply living longer. Capturing the attention of the medical field as well as all people is the opportunity to slow down or even prevent many age-related diseases, from diabetes to Alzheimer’s and even cancer.

To date many believe that the only established way to slow aging is by calorie restriction. Since we all know that obesity and overweight constitute the majority of the population in the United States, this resveratrol research has mass appeal. The goal of a pharmaceutical product is a very potent resveratrol product that would still produce anti-aging benefits even with hearty diets.

Currently, most resveratrol supplements on the market are much less potent, and even have purity issues. Consumers who want to insure they receive the anti-aging and other health benefits they seek with a natural resveratrol product must do their own homework and find a brand that can show the science, quality ingredients, pure formula and potency that is necessary to get those benefits.

We have been reading about the life extending properties of resveratrol since 2003 and while it can be 2013 or longer until we see a pharmaceutical product, there are at least a few resveratrol supplements that are worth your time and money if you want to get a head start on living longer and feeling younger.



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