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A Reflection of What It Is in This Life You Prize Most Highly

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I have been thinking nonstop about Anne Lamott’s piece, about our true wealth being this moment, this hour, this day. As usual, she is basically the oracle to me, among my wisest and most impactful teachers. I agree with her initial assertion “that there is nothing you can buy, achieve, own, or rent that can fill up that hunger inside for a sense of fulfillment and wonder.” She herself says that this is not revolutionary, but in fact the basis for “almost all wisdom traditions.” She talks about “chances of lasting connection or amazement” and I think of Mary Oliver’s glorious line that often scrolls through my thoughts:

When it’s over, I want to say: all my life I was a bride married to amazement

Let us all be less cynical, less negative, less judgmental. Let us all have more wonder, more trust, more giving each other space to be human. Let us all remember that almost everyone is really just doing the best they can.

What Anne’s essay has me thinking about today, though, is about the way we make time for that which we really value. In fact, I think that if we each looked back over how we have spent the last day or week, we would see, in neon animation, a graph of what it is we really honor and think is important. That’s what we make time for. Most often, this happens instinctively, without much forethought or analysis. It simply is. We just say yes to that which we care most about. Other times, we have to actively, even fiercely guard the time for certain activities or people who are near to our hearts.

Let’s no longer hide behind the excuse that we “don’t have time.” The truer response would be “I don’t care enough to really protect the time.” Maybe this is harsh, but I think it’s also true. Think long and hard about how you spend your precious hours, the only currency in this life that I personally think is actually worth anything. And if you look carefully at these choices, you will see a reflection of what it is in this life you prize most highly. Do you like what you see?


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