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Reflections of Time

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Time to reflect life as shadows portray images of memories that flash back in the mind to develop stories of life as the spirit of breadth gives one the chance to experience and reminisce the emotions that surround you with impressions in the heart.

Seeing the glimpses of the past can haunt you with tears of compassion and yet whispers of tomorrow can let your emotions have hopeful dreams of quiet tranquility.

Feelings erupt into life’s composition of mixed harmony as the melodies compose a song of life that enwrap into endless ribbons of colorful knots that tighten with confusion of the heart or can unravel into tranquil wisdom of the soul.

The intellect of painting art on the canvas with brilliant hues sketches language of the mind into branches of history as it twists and turns with the nature of life allowing the leaves of seasons to blow in the winds of time.

Expressing your story of blossoms enhances the fragrance of life with a softness of petals that permeate the air with freshness of life and develop mysteries that enhance the refreshing waters of life flowing over the pebbles and waves of life creating the sprays that awaken the creativity of diverse dimensions of time.

Know your heart to beat with the rhythm of life sampling emotional love that leads you into entanglements of silence yet voicing the meaning of the reason of your soul.

Discover the true definition of life as the chimes sounds into the depths of your being. The wheels of time spiraling around through your spirit with clanging experiences that challenges the heart to give breadth of life through time.


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