Releasing the Mental Energy Cyst

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Do you remember the actor Bob Newhart? There’s a funny clip of him on You Tube where he plays a psychologist whose patient is afraid of being buried alive. She asks Newhart what to do about it. He hollers, “Stop it!” and then tells her she’s done.
Ridiculous, right? But how many times have you caught yourself doing virtually the same thing with the fears that cloud your own mind?
If you’re like most people, you do your best to ignore those fears—you tell yourself to just stop it—and proceed with business as usual. But as a therapist, you know that pushing those beliefs aside doesn’t necessarily release the energy it’s storing in your tissues.
And growing a prosperous CranioSacral practice has as much to do with how you overcome your fears—the negative stories you tell yourself—as it does with your day-to-day marketing efforts.
Try this simple yet effective exercise to flush out the mental energy cysts that may be lurking in your non-conscious mind. You’ll begin to unearth new beliefs that keep you focused, inspired, and poised to fill your practice with more ease and joy.
Thirty Days to Fearless

Start by crafting a new belief: one you want to experience in your life and practice. Write it in the form of a positive affirmation that’s strong, specific and present tense. Then add two critical components:

1. Begin with the words, “I am now in the process of …”
2. Include how you want to feel when you’re experiencing your belief.
If your intention is to make $75,000 this year, you might say: “I am now in the process of making $75,000 a year in an easy, relaxed, enjoyable way.” Or this: “I am now in the process of making $75,000 a year or better working with clients I love who deeply appreciate my work.”
That inner zing of excitement or a simple sense of peace will tell you when you’ve got your affirmation just right. Once you do, write it or type it at the top of a blank page and say it out loud several times.
Then get ready. Because as soon as you do, your inner Naysayer is going to pop up and start spewing out every reason it can think of that you can’t have what you want.
It’s okay. Allow those thoughts to come and write them down as fast as you can. Don’t beat yourself up over those negative thoughts. Just notice them and keep writing them down until they stop coming or you finish the page.
Eventually you’re going to notice something funny. Behind the voice of the Naysayer is another one that will eventually break through to the surface. You may hear that second voice the first time you do this exercise, or it may take a few days to come on. But eventually it will.
Because for every defensive, protective part of your personality that tries to hold you back to keep you safe, there’s a natural, organic part that knows the truth of who you are and what you’re capable of achieving. This is the voice of the Truth Teller.
As the Naysayer begins shifting to the Truth Teller, write down everything that voice is telling you, too. It may sound like, “I’m an expert at this. I’ve been doing this for years. I get incredible results on the table.”
Write down all those positive thoughts until they just stop coming. Then, when you’re done, throw the page away. And start a fresh one tomorrow.

Continue this process for thirty days—or until you find yourself writing your affirming belief on the page without a negative response.
That’s when you’ll know you haven’t just stopped the thought that’s been holding you back. You’ve released it. And you’re ready to move into the joyful new reality that’s in the process of becoming.


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