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Relocation Blues

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I would love some insight into adjusting to a different environment. I know the usual and obvious… get involved in the community, meet people, find a church etc. I do have a handful of friends here and family as I used to live here about six years ago. Problem is I hate it here! I don’t want to be here, however because of my husband’s job we are here temporarily. I am not even sure how long that is! Maybe two years, three??

Before moving back here I was in a place that I enjoyed living in, not in the big city but easy access to the city. Lots of space in my home and neighborhood with traffic but not like LA’s traffic! Most importantly for the first time in my life I was at peace and settled. After living my whole life moving from one place to another for various reasons I finally didn’t want to leave my home, my community and the friends and colleagues around me. It was such a big sacrifice to come to a place that to me is so empty and void of all that I crave.

It’s very hard because my husband and I are not close or connected. It’s not like we moved out here and knew we were in it together. He works and has his own social life and I take care of our son, the home etc. Because of the poor schooling options here I may end up homeschooling my son, which is a big blow to me because then I cannot pursue my career interests due to no child care. I don’t want to attempt to find childcare here and risk someone not being trustworthy. And no, family and friends aren’t the one’s I could call on to care for my son.

I continue to try and see the positive’s here… the nice weather, the many things to do and being able to occasionally see old friends or family. But my heart aches to go home… Home by the way is where we own our own home and where my adult daughter and granddaughter are.

Any suggestions or encouragement would be welcomed! Thanks!


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