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Replacing Loss

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Sometimes I want to escape reality and daydream those dreams you know won’t come true. But you still try to picture things because you know at least in daydreams it does come true. Like the scenes you see in movies, or in any TV series you are currently addicted to.

I am not living in a perfect life, a perfect world, with the perfect people who adore and shower me with love. I have had my fill of emptiness, mistakes, regrets, and experiences that are not so perfect and far from nice at all.

This is the real world and as they say, you have to deal with things; you have to move on and accept, put it in the past, and wake up every day as if nothing’s happened. I have done this so many times, but every time I get quiet time for myself, sometimes I crack up.

A loss. A loss can be a very easy or hard thing to accept. A loss of a pet, a loss of your favorite book, lost ID, lost pen, lost money. We all lose things almost every day. We get pissed off and sometimes sad because what we lost was valuable, whether it be because it was expensive or because it was given to you by a friend, an acquaintance, a sister, or a brother. But eventually, like in most cases, you get over it because you know you can always ask or buy another one.

How about a lost life? How about a lost loved one? Is it like a lost pen—when you lose one, you go to a store to buy a replacement? And tell me, is a broken heart fixable, like a broken bone? Do you call a doctor and get it fixed, and after a while, it will be fine again? Like a beautifully crafted glass that was cracked, it may still be beautiful, but the crack will forever be there.

A lost pen, a lost friend, a lost father, lost chances, lost opportunities. How many things do you have to lose in this life? And tell me, how many things, like a lost pen, can ever be totally replaced?


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