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Resolving What Hurts

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After many years of abuse of some kind or another, I began to realize that some of us have experienced abuse from the womb. In my case, I had two fibroid tumors fighting me for existing in my mother’s womb. Back then, they called it ”shooting the tumor.” The shooting was completed during the sixth month of pregnancy and I gladly arrived three months later, having already won the battle with tumors. They were growing and I was growing. I call it my “before cognition” experience.

In the outer world, I found emotional abuse, physical abuse, verbal abuse, and sexual abuse. Through it all, I discovered that I was not abused internally, at least not at the DNA level. Now that’s a miracle. Just like the miracle of birth. I did not birth abuse even though I had been a victim of it. The beauty of this abuse is that it made me discover the real me! I am resilient, patient, kind, and have an eternal hope that all is well with me very deep within.


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