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Rise Above It All

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For every harsh word spoken, there is kindness waiting to be release.
For every bad deed that was manifested, goodness has always prevailed.
Not every creature is a creature of darkness; there is a light of hope in all that 
Is dark.
For every frown that was shown. A smile will soon take its place.
For every tear, that was shed, joy will burst though victorious.
We are creatures of habits. With a crab like ability to sometimes pull those we love to the abyss of despair with us. We fall out over green beans.
And ham, turkey dressing and yams, things so small that they should have never played such an important role to our lives.
Until we learn to rise above it all, be the unique creatures we were created to be, we shall continue to stumble .. Over the match stems of life. Love was created to be use to heal, help, convert, improve.
Encourage, uplift, and most of all to be shared. If you are using it for any other purpose.
You are confused. Because love overrules all the confusing situations.
You are unique: Rise above it all.


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