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Rituals for a Spring-Like Life

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It is finally here. The long awaited spring brilliantly opened her eyes this morning. The Spring Equinox is the New Year. I celebrate myself and those around me. I celebrate achieving my goals and keeping my dreams. Today, I renew my hope and my intentions to live happy and grateful every day. 

With every spring there are some things that we must re-evaluate. This is my personal list of those little details that sometimes go unnoticed. These are my rituals for the spring to renew my life and bring something positive to others. It starts with one of my favorite words TODAY … 

1. Breath deeply; exhale slowly

2. Clean your body and dress yourself with bright colors

3. Make some time for yourself. Do that one thing you love to.

4. Out with the worries and pains! Don’t get caught in imaginary situations

5. Friends! Have fun with them. Go out and just laugh.

6. Did you say massage, nice walk, creative dinner, or me time?

7. Simplify your life. Make it simple and I can assure you it’ll be happier and better 

There is no worldwide crisis. Listen to the messages sent. It is time to look within, to re-evaluate our priorities, values, and beliefs. Are they working for you or against you? Are you still blending in with the social commodities and structures or are you opening your eyes to the new times? 

Any big change is sometimes feared? Fear restrains our dreams and blinds our vision. But, it is spring time, your new year, your new era to rise and shine, and shine and be better, and be better and reach the top of the world. 

May you move gracefully through the flowery roads! May you bloom in happiness and blessings! May you enjoy your new beginnings, today, and every day!


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