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The Runaway (Part 5)

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I finally got to the carnival. It seemed like it was so far away. I finally made it. There were men setting stuff up around different kinds of stands and rides. I was walking around and looking at all the amazing bright lights going up. With all the excitement around me, I still couldn’t stop thinking about John and Dave. I sure missed them. Suddenly my mind went from John and Dave to drinking. I SURE NEED A DRINK! I looked over and saw a man and a woman setting up this tent. They were passing a funny looking cigarette from one another. I think it’s just one of those roll up kind of cigarettes. They seemed really tired. They then sat down by the cooler and grabbed a beer. The beer looked so good. I pulled a few dollars out of my pocket and proceeded over to the couple. I said, “Hi, I see you guys are trying to set up.” Now I didn’t want to come right out and ask them for a beer, so I tried a little small talk with them. I asked them if they needed help setting up. They said sure but couldn’t pay a lot except a few dollars and free rides tickets. I agreed to take the tickets and a beer. They said I was too young. I told them I will just have to find someone else that will then. As I walked away the lady called out to me. She said, “Do you really want the beer that bad?” I said, “Yah.” So she said, “Here, have a beer then, sit down and take a load off.” The beer was so cold. We drank three in a row together.

We started to converse. She asked me my name I told her. She said “Well Ruth, we need to come up with a new name for you, a nick name. How about we call you Bumble Bee.” I said “Cool.” I didn’t know what the bumble bee stood for.

As we started to work, she explained what the bumble be does. We just laughed and laughed together. I had so much fun I asked her if I can come every day to help her. She agreed. And I can even get free beer when I come by. I was thinking to my self that yah sure, I will be getting a few beers but will have to work a whole lot of hours. It was okay; at least I had a place to hang out at. She asked me if I lived far. I told her I didn’t. I hope she doesn’t ask me where. Instead she just handed me a beer and one of those funny looking rolled cigarettes for the road. She called it a joint. I just played it off like I knew what she was talking about. I put the joint in my pocket and walked away.

As I was walking I was trying to figure out where I was going to sleep that night. I then came upon a park. It looked dark and no one was in it. So I took my blanket and went to sleep on a bench. The next morning I went back to the carnival and it looked as though my new friends just woke up themselves. She asked me how I liked that joint. I told her it was fine. It didn’t occur to me why she asked me until I put two and two together and realized that it was drugs. It was grass! Not a cigarette! I’m sure glad I didn’t smoke that shit! Just as I was thinking that she offered to smoke a joint with me because she said it will make the job easier to do. She then lit one up …

Tune in next time to the drug addict carnival and the runaway. Sign off.


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