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Say What?

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Is it what you say or how you say it that’s really important? Years ago, I was in business with my brother Marty. We didn’t agree on a minor issue and in trying to make my point, I came across as demeaning and I literally “pinned him to the wall” with my tone of voice. It’s not what I was saying that was offensive, it’s how I said it. My granddaughter Rosie was over the other day. She wanted more of the M&M’s I hide for her visits. My voice dripping with grandmotherly love, I kindly explained that she had enough and couldn’t have any more. She wasn’t buying it—she didn’t like what I was saying.

A decision was made from Day One, to respect the multi-faith character of my website, We would frame the prayers as a conversation from women to her higher power. Heart to Soul. We would not name God directly. The prayers would be more inclusive if we did not name Jesus, Allah or any other deity. Many do not agree with me. We’re currently running a survey. Charity gift cards are being distributed to women who review the site and answer a few questions. We ask: “We’re careful not to offend or exclude religious groups who don’t use the word “God.” What about you? Is “God” a natural word in your vocabulary?” 84.6 percent answered Yes. That’s not surprising, but what I didn’t expect was, the argument to pray in the name of Jesus on a multi-faith prayer website.

I would only be interested in a prayer site that is praying to the same Lord, in the name of Jesus. Will I pray with others who do not believe in Jesus, absolutely. But I will close my prayers and pray to our Savior Jesus Christ.

No thank you, this is not for me. I am a Christian and believe in Jesus Christ and your site does not mention Jesus at all.

Is it what you say or how you say it? Yes to both. It’s what you are and how you behave. It’s what you do and how you do it. With exception. It’s not what you pray, or how you pray… it’s that you pray. Add some pray to your day.

Tearing Down the Anger
I did it again. I yelled.
After I promised You I would learn control,
my anger took hold, escaped.
I made them cry.
Me, who loves them more than life itself.
How could I do that?
You need to help me here
or I will undo the few things I have done right.

Please guide me to be a person
who speaks words that build, not tear down.
May your love and goodness fill my heart and my mouth.
When I speak, bring forth Your words of esteem and life.
Let me give to others, Your unconditional love,
For I am shaped in Your image.


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