Sea of Tranquility

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Gingerly I stepped out onto the Sea of Tranquility. What was this sea made of? Would I sink into oblivion? It was time to find out. My foot touched a hard surface, ancient lava, cold and hardened for a billion years. More confident now, I kept walking until I found a smooth enough spot. I layed down stretching my limbs in opposite directions, and tried to relax. It took awhile for my mind and my body to calm down, and then it happened. The earth came into view above the horizon. What a marvel the earth is, unique in the known universe. Teeming with life. So Busy.

I was alone in my Sea of Tranquility, trying to ignore all the noise in my head, and the hardness of the lava bed. I willed my body to relax with no luck. I pictured a river in my mind and watched as the thoughts I tossed into the river floated away. It took another long time to rid myself of all thought. I felt my body relaxing into the contours of the lava bed, as if the warmth of my body softened the rock beneath me.

The earth was directly above me now. I couldn’t remember how I got there. I thought about how I would get back to earth, there was so much work to do. My family would be waiting and wondering what was for dinner. My boss would be wondering why I hadn’t returned her email. I watched the earth spin on effortlessly without my help. Eventually the earth disappeared from view. I thought of nothing for a long while. Perhaps it didn’t need me after all. 

Perhaps it was time that I moved on too.


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