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The Search

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The search they say can go on for years without an end,
until we find them, who’s to say we will be lovers or just friends?

Those who are lucky only have to search a little while, this can be true;
unfortunate are those who never find them so this is what they do.

To throw themselves at the most perfect person that the mind can conceive;
this is not just what they want, but what they believe.

It is never until later that the illusion is broken,
after giving all of themselves to this person as if their feelings were just a token.

And to this person who’s heart in this relationship is untrue,
you were just another treasure chest for them to plunder.

Leaving you emotionally scarred and left to wonder,
what did I do? I know it’s my fault.

If I had given a little more or done this different in this situation,

I would not be hopelessly caught.

In the light of day they say all things become clear,
what was wrong in your thoughts that made them dear.

It was kind of a desperation on your part thinking with the mind,
instead of listening to your heart.

I now see the kind of person with whom I would want to be.

Yes she will be a beautiful without compare;
it will come from the inside and cannot be seen from the outside caught in a man’s stare.

I will know because when she has nothing left to give but herself,
still with me she will share.

She will be rich beyond my wildest dreams, this will be true;
with laughter and smiles for the world even when pressed for time with much to do.

She will give her all and be concerned with the world,
not just the one she has created for herself.

She will be a Christian in her beliefs, doing what’s righ;t
when she sees a wrong, not closing her eyes, but clenching her fist for the fight.

Never putting on a show just for what she thinks others will want to see,

 instead it will be hidden away on her closets back shelf were she will let it be.

Her word cannot be broken, but carry value this also will be true;
giving herself totally to me as I will give it to her in everything I do.

With me she will tell me all her fears so that if I can I will help,
not hiding them away until they rip her apart.

This trust between two lovers does not just appear from thin air;
it starts with telling the other your hopes and dreams only in this way you show you care.

I know this person sounds like an fairy tale that will never come true, 
but if you are brave this is what you will do.

The search will go on forever or you will find it never unless you really try,
 and if you are lucky alone you will not die.


Jimmy Lee


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